Acne is a common skin problem and while it affects millions of people worldwide there are effective acne treatments that will help. Before we review these treatments, acne is most obvious in teenagers where you can see acne forming on the forehead, cheeks and chin areas.

You can’t miss them as they appear as pimples and can show up throughout facial areas. However acne can also show up on ones chest, back, shoulders and upper arms which can continue even beyond the adolescent years.

Acne has multiple effects, it can be so severe it can result in devastating ones self esteem or it can be subtle enough to unnoticed. Some people do not even want to leave their home, feeling so self conscience, and so it can really end up being quite debilitating.

Some of the causes are listed here

The question that is always asked about this skin condition is what causes it. There are actually a few answers to this question, but first we should dismiss the myth that fatty foods like hamburgers and french fries or sugary foods cause acne is this is actually not true. Isn’t that better?

Where Do Pimples Come From?

When the skin pores become clogged and blocked is when acne occurs. Your skin pore is an opening to a canal known as a follicle, and when glands in the skin begin to produce too much oil, the pores can end up blocked and will then begin to accumulate dirt and debris. As a result of this, usually but not always pimples will develop.

What Causes Acne?

A major role in family history can be traced to determine your acne. Due to menstrual periods, females can experience hormal changes. The use of greasy, oily cosmetic products or the use of certain medications and even high levels of humidity can trigger acne.

If you experience certain symptoms, such as whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, redness on the skin, crusting of skin eruptions, or scarring on the skin, chances are you have acne.

Finding An Effective Acne Treatment

Depending on your condition, whether it is mild or serious, you should get some type of treatment before infection starts. By talkng to your doctor or dermatologist you will get the recommended effective acne treatment. You will get a complete analysis of the severity of your acne and be prescribed a treatment method best for you.

More often you’ll be recommended to change some of your habits and in conjunction you will have a wide variety of acne creams and lotions for you to use. Many of these remedies help you to prevent your acne from being too severe in the future.

Final thoughts, if your doctor prescbribes medication you must follow through with his suggestions as this is the best effective acne treatment for you. Because you skin is important, keeping it healthy will take effort on your part. Best of luck to you.

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