A HEPA air purifier is the ideal solution for allergy sufferers who need to breathe clean air in the home. Originally, air purifiers were intended only to rid the home of foul odors. However, these days you can get a lot of additional advantages from using a HEPA air purifier, such as better air cleaning capabilities and lower levels of bacteria and viral contaminants in the atmosphere. By removing allergens and contaminants from the environment they allow you to breathe easier. Plus, HEPA air purifiers are safe for your children, your home, and the environment.

Where It All Started

The basis for the HEPA air purifier goes back as far as 1940. It was first produced at the time of the Manhattan Project, during which radioactive contaminants entered the atmosphere. Since then, those air purifiers, which had no filter systems, were modernized with more functionality to meet the demands for improved air quality in our ever evolving society.

Nowadays, you can find air purifiers in a variety of institutions like medical centers and industrial plants. HEPA air purifiers are used by the pharmaceutical industry, in nuclear plants, the aerospace manufacturing sector, health care facilities, and even in computer chips.

This high functioning product boasts a 99.99% reliability rating, and has shown itself over time to be a very effective tool. Today, if you judge by the huge number of favorable air purifier reviews, the HEPA air purifier is widely valued throughout the world.

How It Works?

There are three steps in the HEPA process: interception, impaction and diffusion. Since they consist of randomly ordered fibers, they are highly efficient when it comes to their ability to filter out undesirable particles. They trap airborne contaminants and all sorts of harmful particles that can lead to numerous illnesses and allergies.

The first step is the capture of a stream of air within one radius. The filters trap the air and the process starts. Impaction is next, meaning the larger molecules are trapped by the air cleaner’s fiber system. These molecules continue to get smaller as air passes through the fibers that are integral to the system. Finally, the process of diffusion takes place, caused by the air colliding with other gas particles.

A HEPA air purifier has many advantages, but the most valuable is the efficient way in which it clears the air around us of of allergens. Although all the harmful elements in the atmosphere cannot be completely wiped out, they can most certainly be minimized by using a HEPA air purifier system.

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