Adult acne affects about 50 percent of women. Adult acne occurs when the women have grown into adults, and may appear for several reasons. Though some women think that adult acne would have disappeared from their lives after they have grown out of their teenage years, they are wrong. It is also possible for it to appear in later years. This disorder causes a lot of anxiety among women, as they are under pressure to look good always.

“Since a lot of women work today, they face a lot of problems trying to control the eruption of acne. There are several reasons that cause this.”

This disorder is very difficult to maintain, and is also makes women physically uncomfortable. Some women may develop this even if they have gone through this disorder when they were teenagers. Some women may find that they develop severe acne when they are adults for the first time.

Normally the main cause of acne is the change in hormones. Many women would have used over the counter prescriptions when they were young, but they will find that it does not work the same way when they are adults too. They will have to visit a good dermatologist to solve this problem.

Adult acne normally begins in the mid twenties, and will last up to adulthood. This will be caused by the hormonal change in the bodies of the women. This acne caused by hormones is linked to a hormone called androgens. This is responsible for the secretion of oil in the skin. When the oil glands face a lot of stimulation by this hormone, they will cause acne eruption.

A very common time for women to have acne is during menstruation. Most of the acne will flare up and the skin will also become oily during this period.

Some women may have normal androgen levels, and this will result in one disorder called acne. For others, the high levels of the hormone may cause other disorders. Some women may face the growth of excess hair on the face with hormonal acne eruptions.

Some women may also have irregular menstruation, obesity or infertility. There are several topical medication that is available for the treatment of adult acne. Whatever medicines are consumed, they have to be done only after consulting a good dermatologist, who can advice you how best you can control your acne.

Oral contraceptive pills work for certain women, who have problems with acne during menstruation. Some may be prone to certain mild side effects from this dosage. Those who face hypertension, and those women who smoke may have a tough time with this medication.

A lot of women who are pregnant, face this problem. During this time, treatment may be limited, as there may be side effects with the pregnancy. Adult acne will cause dry and very sensitive skin. So it is important that all women who face this have good skin care. Not too many oily ingredients must be used for the face.

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