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eFoods Global Independent Business Owners Can Offer You Security and Independence through the World’s Best Food Reserves

Thousands of people are beating the economy by purchasing high-­quality food for not only tonight’s meal, but for building their reserves; they understand the value of obtaining food today in the face of uncertainty and invite you to try six free meals before you buy.

Midvale, UT (PRWeb) January 1, 2011—eFoods Global, a network marketing company, wants to empower all people to be independent, secure, and prosperous. Thousands of people around the country have signed up as company representatives known as Independent Business Owners (IBOs), who are contributing to the company’s vision and empowering their friends and neighbors with independence and security through food.

“Right now an unprecedented number of Americans are returning to a practice of our self-­reliant and independent forefathers, that is storing supplies of food,” says Steve Shenk, Founder and CEO of eFoods Global. “The events and circumstances we are facing here in America so are unfamiliar to most of us, but yet so serious, that we each must wisely choose how we will face our future. History has proven over and over again that food is the beginning solution to almost every major problem, particularly those involving independence, freedom, security, and yes, even survival. No political or economic programs will help Americans save their families with products that can become worth more than gold or any other currency.”

Today, the world seems satisfied with fast food replacements for school lunch, and America has become one of the fattest countries on earth. Fortunately, people are starting to read labels and are becoming informed about food quality at every step of production—from the field to the table. Education is also growing for storable food; most of it tastes horrible, lacks nutrition, and contains filler ingredients.

IBOs sell only the highest-­quality products from eFoods Global. The Company sources only the cleanest ingredients to produce pure, clean, delicious food any time you are ready to prepare it. “Frankly, I do not understand how others can market inferior products when they know that people are betting their lives on the food they purchased to deliver sound nutrition,” Steve Shenk continued. “If you’ve purchased from other companies, they’re banking their business on the fact that you’ll never have to open their product and live on it.”

“The best part about our products is that food has universal demand—everyone needs it,” added Brad Stewart, President and Founder of eFoods Global. “Our food is perfect for tonight’s meal. Your children can help you make it—it’s that easy and only requires water. Significantly, it has a minimum 15-­year shelf life, which makes it a fantastic savable food option. Yes, you can be prepared for a rainy day; I don’t know of any other company where distributors would be thrilled to have extra product in their basements.”

An eFoods Global IBO can help you prepare today for a future of security reserves. In fact, the company is so certain that you will love its savory food that they invite anyone to try six free meals before they buy.

To learn more about eFoods Global and request your six free meals, select the Try It button on our website,


eFoods Global is a recognized category creator. It is the first company to develop and manufacture premium-­quality food products that are ready-­to-­eat, convenient, and savable over time. eFoods Global enhances people’s lives with a home-­based business opportunity that markets food to consumers and business owners throughout the United States. Based in Utah, eFoods Global is privately owned and powered by a network of purpose-­driven associates sharing the eFoods Global brand with a singular vision—to empower all people to be independent, secure, and prosperous.

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