Millions of people suffer with acne every day. This problem is not discriminatory, it affects adults and teenagers alike. Whether you are a girl or a guy, acne causes a problem to every body. Acne can really cause a loss in self esteem and even depression.
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Acne really can scar a teenager life, this is the time that they are learning their social skills and making new friends. When it comes to acne, prevention is better than the cure. You will not have to wait until you have a breakout. These small steps will go along way in keeping your face and skin free of acne.
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1.    Don’t pop the acne: No matter what you do, if you even just have one pimple on your face, don’t make the mistake of popping it. If you pop it, that may cause a blemish on your beauty. Moreover, the rule is more the acne is popped, more it comes back. So don.

2.    Wash your face: Your face needs to be washed more than twice a day for keeping your skin acne free. Don’t use a harsh soap, just a mild soap or mild skin cleaner will do. Do not use oily or acidic soap at all.

3.    Sulfur based moisturizer: After washing your face, you need to use a sulfur based moisturizer since sulphur helps in preventing such problems. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type and has sulphur to aid your skins rejuvenation and restoric capacity.

4.    Don’t use over the counter products for acne. Topical creams may not be the best, depending on their ingredients. Many creams do not have any ingredients listed on the package and should be avoided. The topical cream is good or not depends on the ingredients. Many of they have common ingredients and are not very special.

5.Yoga: Yoga can help detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system. Yoga can help in removing your acne for ever.  When you do yoga do make sure that you wipe your face regularly.

6.     Though creams with Benzoyl peroxide are generally good however you need to keep washing your skin. You also need to remember that these ingredients and creams are needed every morning.

You can prevent acne and breakouts if you do these few things. Remember Acne is more about imbalances in your life. Prevent Acne and prevent the loss of your self esteem and social life.

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